Why choose Truependous Tutoring?

Here’s what parents, carers and Truependous Tutees had to say:

Laura is an amazing tutor. Her classes are well-structured and at the same time my daughter does not feel any pressure. Amazing experience for the children. Laura is always available for me as a parent with advice. Thank you so much Laura. Can not recommend it warmly enough.


Laura is an amazing teacher we have the pleasure of working with twice a week. She makes learning fun and engaging. My daughter loves her sessions. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


My 9yr old daughter recently started group sessions. Although she was quite apprehensive to start with, Laura soon made her feel at ease and thoroughly enjoyed it. My daughter liked the interaction with other children too.

Sarah H

I love watching the kids get so excited about their learning.


We feel like Laura has become a part of the family - we first contacted her as our school where we live moved online during covid so we were looking for something to make life a bit different and varied again!!


Laura’s sessions have been loved so much by our reluctant mathematician…. He can’t wait for the session each week and is noticeably more able each time we do maths at home - highly recommended!


Laura is amazing! Her sessions are well-planned, imaginative and enjoyable. She has been a lifesaver during lockdown.


Laura is a natural teacher; she has so much patience and makes the lessons fun. Always smiling, she is a joy and our children have taken to her immediately.

Sarah S

Excellent Tutor, my son has learned so much, I would highly recommend. Laura will focus on what your child needs in a fun, friendly and inspiring way. Luke has been so lucky to have her as a tutor.

Katy H

My two children have just started home school and are not very confident children in their own abilities. Truependous tutoring has been amazing for them. They both have been praised and encouraged and both have now started to shine. It’s been incredible to see. Laura has been so patient and understanding with them and has given them both new ways to think about the way things work. I can’t thank her enough for starting to give my children their confidence back. Especially the 8 year old who is usually work avoidant he said to me this week I can’t wait for it to be Thursday again to do my zoom class!! Thank you so much!!!

Sarah Y

Just attended my first parent workshop with Truependous Tutoring and it was amazing! Who’d ever thought that working on fractions would be fun and made easy to understand through the use of the ingenious Rekenrek tool? The pictorial representations were really useful as it helped me to gain a good understanding on how the number bonds and fractions link. I believe that Laura‘s innovative pedagogical approach/methods will not only facilitate your child in gaining a deeper learning of the subject matter, it will definitely help parents too as it did for me tonight!


I would highly recommend Truependous Tutoring, Jake had the great pleasure of Laura teaching him in year 4 in Germany. Laura knows Jake well which is great.

Laura has a friendly and inspiring way of getting Jake to learn. Laura has been such a breath of fresh air in this current climate.

Thanks again for all your hard work!


What can I say? Laura has been a godsend to both my 10 year old son and 7year old daughter. The groups she offers online have boosted their confidence (noticeable by my sons increased cheekiness which is dealt with superbly and my daughter actually speaks and gets involved now!!) due to both the small group and amazing attention and energy Laura brings to each and every class, even after having done a full days work on the ground!! My kids often talk about their classes after and the fun things they’ve been learning! And all that, whilst we are thousands of miles apart!! I would also like to mention her pricing is very fair and she always seems to be offering her time free for end of term online parties where they all just seem to be having amazing fun!!

Thank you so much Laura for the ray of sunshine you’ve brought into our home every week - honestly been amazing to have you as part of the team!! Hopefully one day we can all meet in person!!


We are truly blessed to have found you dear Laura. Your personality and teaching style have been a perfect match for my son. I know people lament on everything we’ve missed out on during the pandemic, but were it not for Covid and the lockdowns, we would never have found you. Thank you so, so much for everything that you do with E. You have made such a huge difference to his self-confidence, his self-belief and instilled a real fire in him. You will truly go down as the one who made the difference in his life.


You have worked your magic...again. My son can't stop talking about the English lesson yesterday. I don't know how you do it but I'm in awe.