More about me!

I have lived an action-packed life so far and am happiest when I have a few adventures lined up.

When I was 18, I was lucky enough to sail the Atlantic with a crew of 22 women. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have also had the joy of going on countless other sailing adventures with the Rona Sailing Project – check out this video to see how much fun they were!

A video of the crew of Rona II having a blast!


Travelling is one of my favourite things, and I have backpacked around Canada, India, Morocco and Thailand, to name some of the highlights!

I lived in Germany for 7 years, teaching in two MoD schools in that time. During my time there I made sure I visited pretty much every surrounding country. My favourite places in Europe are Bruges, Luxembourg and Utrecht. I also attempted to learn to skydive, completing 3 static line jumps and learning to pack a parachute! That was fun 😀

A video of my first static line jump

The Van

When I left Germany, my husband, newborn daughter and I all set off on a travelling adventure in our bright orange campervan, Bob. It was epic! We travelled through France, Spain and Portugal. You can check out our van tour of the Big Orange Beast here!

How Truependous Tutoring came to be!

Unfortunately, our travels were cut short so we ended up back in England at the end of March 2020, instead of travelling until the September of that year. Despite grieving the end of our travelling dreams trupendously at the time, it actually couldn’t have worked out better, as it spurred me into action and I set up Truependous Tutoring from the van table!

To learn more about how I started my tutoring business, you can read this blog: